Arcatrades | Fundamental Analysis
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Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is the study of indicators of the development of political, economic or financial credit policy of one country or union of countries.

The main fundamental factors that affect the market:

Economic indicators

Political events

Fors - major situations

In fundamental analysis, all approaches are classified as the study of political factors and crises. Economic factors differ from the other two components of the regularity of the appearance of characteristics. The days and times of publication of economic data are well known in advance, at least in industrialized countries.

Every day there are economic or political events that affect the value of currencies, goods or shares of different companies, in order to learn to use fundamental analysis in on line trading is not necessary to have a financial education, we live in the 21st century and through the Internet we can learn any information directly from our computer. There are many sites that specialize in economic news, where every event, indicator or research is published daily from the financial markets.