Arcatrades | What does FOREX mean?
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What does FOREX mean?

The FOREX market is an international on line trading platform for currencies where prices are formed depending on Demand and Supply by market participants.

The total capitalization of the market is 5 trillion. American Dollars daily,
which makes it attractive to investors.

Why do we offer you to trade in the FOREX market?

Ability to earn your first million is real today.

The most successful people in the world on forex earned their fortune.

Financial on line trading has accelerated growth rates in recent years, which denotes trading as a promising industry.

Trading sessions in the financial market?

The FOREX market does not have a specific schedule because exchanges
around the world open at different times and are in different time zones
for this trade is available 24 hours 5 days a week.

The basic currency pairs that are traded on the FOREX market:

Who are the Forex market participants?

Private investors

Physical persons use the Forex market for speculative purposes for profit. And also investors who are interested in investment and have a business related to the export or import of goods.

Financial and Dealing Centres and Currency Exchange

Companies of this category often use the market to diversify their investments. Large companies make huge currency exchanges for their activities. Forex allows you to earn companies in such transactions at the expense of financial instruments.

Private Banks and Hedge Funds

Private banks and hedge funds provide services to their clients in the form of currency transactions, bank deposits, lending and other services. Also, they themselves are participants in the market for speculative purposes to manage risks and multiply their funds by trade. Usually in these institutions there are entire departments that are engaged only in trade.

Governmental Organizations and Central Banks

State organizations and central banks participate in the currency market to control and regulate intra-market conditions and balance the economy of the country.

How are transactions made in currency pairs?

In the trading terminal you will see two different prices for one currency pair called “BID” and “ASK”.
Since a currency pair can be sold or bought, we must clearly understand these terms:

``BID`` is the price at which we sell the base currency (in our case USD) and buy the quotation currency (in our case it is RUB)

``ASK`` is the price at which we buy the base currency (USD) and sell the quotation currency (RUB)

The difference between the valuable “BID” and “ASK” is called spread (Spread).


The volume of transactions is measured in lots and is very important in trading for each trader. The standard amount of currency that you can buy or sell is 100, 000 – 10,000 – 1000 units of the base currency.

A few years ago, the trader needed to have a fortune in the trading account, but now thanks to the leverage it is not required. The notion of leverage means that you can open deals with larger volumes than you have at your disposal.

For example, in your account 1000 USD and you have chosen a leverage of 1: 500, this means that you can open transactions with a total volume of 500,000 USD

Example of the USD / RUB currency pair transaction:

You predict that the price of the USD / RUB currency pair will increase, it means that the US dollar is growing relative to the Russian rouble, in order to make money on this event you need to open a deal to raise the price of “BUY” for the USD / RUB currency pair, in case you open a position to lower USD / RUB the deal for this pair will be “Sell”.